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Make 2022 the year you back yourself

Make 2022 the year you back yourself

It has been a year! I’m sure everyone is ready to see the end of 2021. This time of year provides an opportunity for those that are lucky enough to take a few weeks off for a (very well) deserved rest – to spend time with loved ones, family and friends; and ponder the year, and career, ahead.

When considering the year ahead, I appreciate the majority of lawyers take a conservative approach to their careers. They are often seeking out lateral roles with an increased salary, level of responsibility and development opportunities in a new environment.

Increasingly however, I am finding that it is the lawyers that are willing to take a punt on themselves, by opting to take their chances on a contract role, brought about by an urgent or interim resourcing need that provide rare opportunities for them in achieving the greatest financial gain, in addition to fast tracked career progression opportunities, expanded skillsets, new industry knowledge and ultimately earning greater rewards longer term.

At Montgomery Edge, we provide candidates with the best career advice and guidance, to help everyone land their dream job, anyway they can.

Clients are often calling us desperate for someone to assist them on a project or other immediate need and will often be more adaptable in their wish list of the experience required, without compromising on quality. This is where we’ve helped plenty of lawyers secure their dream role through an initial contract, before securing that permanent position they’ve only ever dreamt of.

I have worked with and helped a commercial lawyer from a law firm move into a senior legal role in the technology industry, a senior level insurance lawyer secure a General Counsel position in the property industry and leading a small team, a regulatory lawyer move into a global healthcare business, and a litigator into a more commercial role to name just a few. All of them commenced their roles on a contract basis, securing an uplift in salary and increased responsibility, and have now all gained permanent employment with a new found industry knowledge and skillset, which would not have occurred had they not backed themselves to demonstrate their ability and value add to their new employer.

Given the recent news of our borders reopening, for those returning to Australia or even those considering an interstate move, there are plenty of career opportunities around for those willing to take a punt on themselves.

Contract roles work in your favour. The odds of doing so mean that you will secure a fantastic role – engage with a new team and stakeholders, and demonstrate your value to them – all while trying before you buy. Assuming you go in with the right mindset, you will be rewarded once the time comes, eliminating any competition when the time comes to secure that permanent gig.

So… whilst you read this over the Christmas break, have a think about what you can do to better your chances of scoring your dream role in 2022. Then, simply, get in contact with Monty Edge!

Have a great break,


Bill Panourgias

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