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4 Perks of being a Temp Legal Secretary

4 Perks of being a Temp Legal Secretary

Before I dove headfirst into the realm of recruitment, I proudly wore the hat of a Legal Secretary for over a decade. It’s like I’ve joined the “dark side,” but don’t worry, I use my legal support skills for good, not evil.

My journey as a Legal Secretary kicked off in Adelaide before I decided to embark on an adventure that landed me in Sydney, working for a top-tier CBD firm. One year into my Sydney escapade, with zero friends and no life outside work, I realized I wanted to get to know the city, meet new people, and have the mental space to savour the good things in life (like taste-testing every chili margarita in the eastern suburbs).

So, I decided to explore the wild world of temporary Legal Secretary work. Little did I know, it would become one of the best decisions I’ve ever made (right up there with adopting my dog, Jerry).

  1. Making new friends:

You know, making friends as a grown-up in a new city can be quite the challenge. But temping turned out to be a lifesaver for my social life. While some folks dread the idea of being the “new kid” every few months, I found that leaning into those slightly uncomfortable moments, like mingling in the kitchen or showing up to team lunches, was the secret sauce. Don’t be shy about striking up conversations over the coffee machine, at Friday night drinks, or by the photocopier. It’s like sending a signal that says, “Hey, I’m friendly, and I’m up for a chat.”

  1. Diversify your legal experience:

One of the most exciting aspects of temping is the diversity of tasks and practice areas. I initially pigeonholed myself as a Commercial Litigation secretary in top-tier global firms, but temping allowed me to explore new legal domains and different sized firms. It was like “try before you buy,” a chance to broaden my horizons, master new skills and see what it was like at smaller boutique and mid-tier firms.

  1. Networking:

Temp work offers an incredible networking opportunity. The connections I’ve forged in the legal industry have been instrumental throughout my career as a legal secretary and now as a recruiter, in the way of job opportunities and referrals. Building these connections involves more than just delivering quality work; it’s also about presentation, communication, and a willingness to assist with various tasks, even if they’re not the most glamourous (this is a biggie). Remember, even though it may only be a short temp assignment, you never know where it could lead.

Don’t forget to connect with your colleagues on LinkedIn while you’re still working together!

  1. Embracing a challenge & developing new skills:

If you’re like me and thrive on learning new things and mastering new skills, temping as a legal secretary is a perfect match. The dynamic nature of temporary work offers continuous excitement and challenge, making every day unique.

In the fast-paced world of legal secretary temping, every day is an exciting ride full of chances to make new friends, learn and grow, and hone your skills. It’s all about rolling with the punches, building important connections, and staying flexible in the ever-shifting legal scene. Whether you’re a newbie, working on a Working Holiday Visa, juggling law studies, or you’ve got plenty of experience under your belt, legal secretary temping is a fantastic journey of self-discovery, constant learning, and boosting your professional game.

If you’re interested in temp legal secretary or paralegal work, shoot me an email annemarie@montgomeryadvisory.com.au.

Anne-Marie White

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