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Case Study: Montgomery Edge

Case Study: Montgomery Edge

How Monty Edge has helped our clients, and get lawyers a great gig in-house…

At Montgomery Edge, our services spread far and wide, connecting our clients with the best legal talent, on a contract or project basis for a range of requirements, whether it be for a client secondment, project-based, or a fixed-term solution.

Below is just one example of Monty Edge’s premium service offering:


Our client was a leading digital media company, that wanted to grow its legal team, but was unable to gain immediate headcount approval, so sought Monty Edge’s help to source a lawyer for them for an initial contract period of up to six months to assist with a major project to help demonstrate a business case for the eventual permanent hire for the role.

Montgomery Edge solution 

Montgomery Edge sourced and placed a mid-level lawyer, coming direct from a law firm, who was very interested to move in-house and used this as an opportunity to make a move in-house into a great brand.

This candidate had a varied industry focus and was able to immediately provide strong legal support to the business, from assisting on general commercial transactions, providing advice to the general sales and marketing teams, and improving contract terms and negotiation processes. The lawyer was hired on a six-month contract basis, working in a hybrid manner, with a mix of in-office and remote basis, which allowed them time to establish and develop key relationships in the business. They were paid a daily rate for their work for the duration of the contract.


Following the six-month period working with our client, they were easily able to demonstrate the positive impact on the business, were a key member of the legal team and was the central contact for several key projects the business was undertaking. As a result, the lawyer was hired by the company and is now a permanent member of the team.

Moral of the story?

Lawyers, remember there are some great opportunities available via contract roles…

Employers, GCs, if you are seeking a temporary or project-based lawyer, to cover extended leave, or to cover unexpected spikes in work where you don’t have permanent headcount approval… Monty Edge can help you with all of your legal talent resourcing needs.

Contact us at Monty Edge, and see how we can help you with all of your legal talent resourcing needs.

Bill Panourgias

Bill Panourgias

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