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Edge Case Study Series

Edge Case Study Series

Temp/contract roles in law firms: Why is it a great choice for lawyers? 

At Montgomery Edge, our services spread far and wide, connecting our clients with the best legal talent, on a contract, temporary, or project basis for a range of requirements, whether it be for a client secondment, project-based, or a fixed-term solution.

If you are a lawyer looking at contract/ temp assignments, you should consider a law firm placement with Monty Edge’s premium temporary resource offering.

Why should you consider a contract/ temp role in a law firm?

Law firms are constantly hiring lawyers, and increasingly, they are using contract lawyers to help fill the existing gaps in their teams. Why are they doing this? There is ridiculously heavy competition between firms to attract, engage, and retain their best talent, and they often have open roles for months and months.

What does this mean for law firms?  Well, first and foremost, lost revenue, but possibly, and more importantly, both client and staff retention issues!

An under resourced team, quickly becomes an overworked, stressed, and tired team. When staff become unhappy, money isn’t always enough to keep them. Furthermore, staff shortages can affect the quality of output, and in some cases can result in client work moving to competitors; this is compounded if more staff leave.

Firms are now looking for creative solutions to their talent resourcing challenges, and are having great success engaging senior lawyers on hourly or daily rates, or fixed term contracts. This immediately eases the pressure on the team, and often has a very positive impact on team culture.

What are the benefits of working in a law firm as a contract/ temp lawyer?

Internal support – all firms have strong support structures in place, through professional support lawyers, file & document precedent suites, knowledge teams, IT infrastructure, and technology platforms. In addition to this, every lawyer I have placed into a law firm has told me the support that they receive from the existing team has been amazing, as they are grateful to have the extra support! You will really feel a part of the team.

Choice of work – given the volume of work, you can basically choose which projects, matters, transactions you want to be involved in that play to your strengths.

 Flexibility – most law firms can cater for all types of flexible arrangements, and they are especially flexible when it comes to contractors. Contractors can really determine how much, when, and where they work from. If you are performing well and enjoying the work, firms are very happy to extend contracts or roll them over until you decide to move on (or stay forever!).


Contract lawyers, if you are considering a flexible option, there are some great opportunities available via contract roles in law firms…

Law Partners, if you are seeking a temporary or project-based lawyer, to cover your extended leave, or to cover unexpected spikes in work where you need immediate assistance….

Contact us at Montgomery Edge to find out how we can help you with all of your legal recruitment needs.

Bill Panourgias

Bill Panourgias

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