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Case Study: Moving from the UK to Australia

Case Study: Moving from the UK to Australia

We spoke to Lorna Hewitt, Associate in the Energy & Resources Team at Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Sydney about her experience working with Montgomery Advisory to facilitate an international move from Scotland to Australia.

How did you discover Montgomery Advisory?

I stumbled onto a Montgomery LinkedIn post advertising working in Australia about 5 months ago, which set the wheels in motion. I was contacted for an initial chat followed by a series of discussions about the market, my experience, and what I wanted to gain from a move; all of which solidified my decision to pursue a career in Sydney.

Had you worked with a legal recruiter previously? If so, how did they compare?

Yes, I’ve come across a few quality recruiters in Scotland, but Montgomery Advisory topped that list in my view. What set them apart was a deep knowledge of and strong relations within both the Australian and UK legal markets, helped by the fact that they work collegially across both locations. Glenn found the right balance between proactive, effective communication and giving me the space to weigh up options. What’s more, he continued to check in while my visa was being processed and even gave useful recommendations for flat renting.

How much did you know about the Australian legal market before working with Montgomery? Did you feel like they were able to provide good information/options for your consideration?

I’d done my homework but certainly found Montgomery’s insights on particular teams within the energy and natural resources space helped me hone what I was looking for. Glenn was also able to share first-hand experience of what it’s like to move across the world having recently lived in Sydney himself.

Can you describe the recruitment process for someone who might be considering a move in the future, but hasn’t looked into international roles? 

My experience wasn’t too dissimilar from the UK recruitment process: i.e. CV followed by several stages of online interview. Where it differed was the extra dimension of having to apply for a temporary skills shortage visa. This involved working with immigration experts who are hired by the firm to drive the process (which tends to take around 4-6 weeks). For anyone considering international roles, one draw of Australia is its common law legal system, which largely mirrors Scots and English contract law.

Were there any particular challenges during the interview process? 

The time difference no doubt tested my ability to form a coherent sentence at 6 am! Other than that, I found the interview process to be dare I say mildly enjoyable.

How did you end up deciding on your firm of choice?

Testament to the quality of Montgomery’ss network and grasp of what I was looking for, I was lucky to have had a tough decision between firms with equally lovely teams and quality work. I ultimately went with the firm I felt the most rapport with, Corrs Chambers Westgarth.

Are you happy with your decision? 

Really chuffed with how everything has pulled together. The firm itself is a brilliant environment to work in and Sydney life has thus far exceeded my expectations (which were high).

Would you recommend Montgomery to your network?

Certainly would – already have!

For more information about cross-border movement or for a confidential career discussion, reach out to:

Glenn Johnston
+44 (0)7936 744 417

Glenn Johnston

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