Where can you see yourself next?

Set your 2023 career expectations

Set your 2023 career expectations


Now that I have your attention

Let me explain the photo. The year was 1985. This was one of my Christmas gifts. Don’t let the smile fool you, it wasn’t what I wanted… I’d stopped believing in Santa that year.  Fast forward to 2022, and here we are. I’m older, wiser (and wider) and with Christmas around the corner, my expectations of Christmas gifts (like my hair count) are low. One area though, where I (and everyone should) have high expectations, is our career.

This is a time when we all ponder our current jobs, think about the year ahead, and what we want to do with ourselves. We have continued to see more and more challenges faced by the legal sector, an industry that is ever-changing, but a resilient one. It is an industry that will always essentially remain a people-centric one, as individuals and businesses continue to transact, and in good times, and in bad, they need lawyers.

If you are considering your options for 2023, consider contracting work. It’s a hot market out there for lawyers, and know that the underlying talent shortage challenges have not at all diminished, and in the next 12 months, we will see more demands on employers for more flexibility, who does the work, and how it gets done, as headcount pressures continue to dominate. As salary costs remain one of the highest costs to a business, temp/ contract staff offer more flexibility and leverage, and can be costed to projects, they provide immediate support and relief to legal teams. Hybrid working is also here to stay. The pandemic has changed the way we work, and where, how, and who does it.

Contract and temp work, it’s here to stay. And it’s growing. Fast.

So if you want to exceed your career expectations in 2023, get in contact with me, and let’s work together to get you that perfect role, in whatever form that takes.

Merry Christmas to all and see you in 2023!


Bill 😊

Bill Panourgias

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