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Edge Case Study Series

Edge Case Study Series

We interviewed one of our Edge Lawyers currently working on a short-term contract, who was keen to share their experience, and also for us to gain a better insight into their experiences working with Montgomery Edge:

What was the catalyst for you to move to a contract role?

I was working as in-house legal counsel on a parental leave 12-month contract role that was coming to the end of its term, and I was keen to try something new and completely different. An interesting opportunity for a short-term (3-month) contract came up so I thought, why not! You just never know what opportunities can come from this. 

Tell us about your experience in the role so far 

Given this is a relatively new area of law for me, I was keen to sink my teeth into the role very quickly, and with one short interview, I started within a matter of days. There was a high volume of work to be completed, so I took a different approach to this role than I normally would (with a permanent role).

Instead of waiting around to be introduced to people, I slid right into the business and started to contact all my relevant stakeholders and team members. I picked up the phone, shot off some emails and introduced myself, gave a bit of a blurb about my background, what I was there to do, and asked how I could help.

People were so appreciative of this approach, and as a result, I was able to quickly build rapport, create strong relationships, and provide value and influence in the business, in a very short space of time. This has made my job much easier.

What are the benefits of working as a contract/ temp lawyer?

 I have had such great support from the existing team, they have been amazing, as they are grateful to have the extra support! I have really felt a part of the team from day one! I have been working on really interesting projects, that have played to my strengths.

 I have also been given so much flexibility, as a contract lawyer, I have been able to determine how much, when, and where I can work from. I am very much enjoying the work and as a result of this, am now in the process of looking at extending my contract by an additional six months.

What advice can you give to lawyers looking to get into contracting work?

Have the confidence in your abilities to go into a contract role, and challenge yourself. Whilst there may be less handholding in a contract role, having partnered with Montgomery Edge, I have always felt supported, and have been provided with honest and regular feedback about opportunities. Once I landed a contract role, I was always regularly updated on my progress, and any questions or queries I had were answered. I know I am in safe hands with the Monty Edge team.

Interested to know more about Monty Edge and our contract offering

Contact us at Montgomery Edge to find out how we can help you get into a fantastic contract role, who knows where this may lead…

Bill Panourgias

Bill Panourgias

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