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Finding your Edge

Finding your Edge

More and more lawyers with permanent jobs are securing in-house roles on a contract basis. It raises an interesting question… ‘How does one manage the risk, whilst managing risk?’

It’s no secret that the in-house legal counsel function remains an extremely popular choice with lawyers looking to step away from the billables and pressures of private practice, but with competition for these highly sought after roles remaining high, a number of lawyers are considering alternative ways to gain that fantastic in-house opportunity via contracting.

As we continue to navigate our way through this daily changing pandemic, legal and compliance teams are increasingly becoming the influencing force of business operations through practical problem-solving, adaptability and managing commercial risk.

Whilst some in-house legal teams will be able to permanently add to their headcount, a high number of these organisations who have historically run leaner legal teams, will want the opportunity to source their legal talent on a contract or fixed term basis.  As a result, there are increasingly more and more opportunities available for lawyers on a contract term.

So, what does this mean for lawyers seeking in-house opportunities?  Why not consider a 6 or 12 month contract role with an in-house legal team? It might just be the opportunity to complement your skillset, offer you the chance to strengthen your network, educate you and provide invaluable insight into business operations and strategic projects. Your next contract role may be the job to unlock doors to better, more challenging opportunities down the track. What do you have to lose!

Bill Panourgias

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