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No Gym? No Problem!

No Gym? No Problem!

At Montgomery, we are all about the health and well-being of our staff. Everyone is encouraged to get active in whatever way works best for them, so it’s not surprising everyone has a gym membership or plays some kind of sport. Together, we have competed in the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge on a number of occasions, regularly play touch footy with a couple of the law firms in town, and we had a winning soccer team! Quite the sporty bunch!

During NSW lockdown a few months ago, while everyone was scrambling to purchase weights, booty bands and dumbbells to create their “at home” gym, we decided to scrap the Zoom “work” calls and rolled out our very own Zoom “workout” calls. Trained by yours truly! 😊

Having always had an interest in health, fitness and well-being, I plucked up the courage and put my hand up to run two sessions a week, known as the “LL workout”. I honestly believe, during the doom and gloom that these sessions kept us motivated, in good spirits, and most of all, challenged! Equally, I take full responsibility for the days after an LL workout when the team could barely walk!

Fast forward to October, the majority of us are back in the office a few days a week, and the LL workout continues. I say it every single week – how lucky are we that we are able to get outside on our lunch break and train in this beautiful city?! The pictures don’t do it justice…

So, for any lawyer out there looking to take on their next challenge, not only can we help you find a new role, but we can also throw in a free workout for you too. [Disclaimer: six packs not included.]


For anyone looking to get a “sweat on” this week (or sometime soon) give the below HIIT session a go:

5 x 6 minute rounds
[45 secs ON and 15 secs OFF; and 45 secs rest between each round].

Round 1
Squat (Jumping Squats, optional)
Mountain Climbers

Round 2
4 x Shoulder Taps + 2 Push Ups
Burpee + 2 Punches

Round 3
Bicycle Crunch
Russian Twist

Round 4

Round 5
Lunges (Jumping Lunges, optional)

Good luck!!

Laura Lal

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