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8 Weeks Till Christmas

8 Weeks Till Christmas

So, it’s nearly Christmas. Near enough. Near enough to remind you that the next 8 weeks are some of the best weeks for anyone considering changing jobs to jump on the back of Rudolph, tweak his nose, and say “lets goooooo”. Think of me as Rudolph. I’m regretting writing that already.

The point is, there are jobs everywhere, and, in the run into Christmas, the firms are even more motivated to move quickly, make strong offers and attempt to close out their urgent roles before Santa arrives and we all go to sleep until February 1st.  We’ve seen some truly incredible salaries being offered this year alongside some genuine creativity being applied to the idea of flexibility, so it really is worthwhile dipping a few toes in the water as it warms up.

There continues to be an unprecedented level of demand for quality lawyers as the already limited active candidate base heads overseas or decides their enormous pay rise made everything ok. Also, from a position earlier in the year where the lion’s share of the candidate demand fell squarely on the shoulders of corporate and disputes lawyers, we’re now seeing significant growth in the demand for banking & finance, and restructuring lawyers also.  Particularly interesting in recent times has been a noticeable increase in demand for more senior lawyers with career development in their sites and it’s clear that having spent considerable time and effort restocking at the most junior level, there is now a need to bring on board their future managers.

So, as fortune favours the bold, why not throw your hand in the air and have a confidential chat with us about your options rather than joining the herd and waiting till next year.

Reach out to me via LinkedIn or email matt@montgomeryadvisory.com.au, or feel free to call me directly at +61 411 857 036.

Matt Harris

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