Where can you see yourself next?

Take the plunge!

Take the plunge!

Looking for the perfect permanent job can be an overwhelming task and can feel as exhausting as searching for warmth in the current cold snap. As a recruiter, we see a lot of people who are waiting for the ‘right time’ and ‘right role’ to come their way before they take the plunge, even when they are not enjoying their current position.  The truth is even the most perfect role is difficult to gauge in a just few interviews – you won’t really know until you are in the chair.  This is where taking on a short or medium-term contract position plays a critical role!

Leaving a permanent role to take on a contract may seem like free-fall initially, and depending on your circumstances may be a non-negotiable for you, but taking a look at some of the facts may put your mind at ease:

  • Lawyers continue to remain in high demand, specifically skills across construction, energy and most recently litigation.
  • Of contract positions with Montgomery Edge approx. 90% of contracts were either extended or made permanent.
  • Pay conditions will most likely exceed that of an equivalent permanent position.

Another consideration is the current market:

  • The pool of legal talent is growing (up 5% last year)
  • We are seeing higher attrition rates at some top companies
  • Job vacancies are down 2.7%.

Armed with this knowledge, how will you separate yourself from the pack when the perfect role does finally arise?  The reality is a few short-term positions on your CV will broaden your expertise and magnify your strengths. The contracting experience will only further solidify your skill set, giving you the confidence to speak with passion about your expertise when the time arises that you are applying & interviewing for that sought-after permanent role.

Whether you’re still lacking conviction or want more information, reach out to Montgomery Edge!  We sit in a unique position within the recruitment world and can talk to opportunities across secondments within private practice, in-house temporary project roles, and interesting roles to fill gaps in both your resume and skillset.  For an honest view of the market and further clarity on how contracting can be the best approach for you, give me call or send me an email!

Becc Smith – Associate
Montgomery Edge
+0431 909 244

Becc Smith

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