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The new Try Now, Perm Later (TNPL)

The new Try Now, Perm Later (TNPL)

Perks to contracting and secondments for lawyers.

With organisations spending more money and time on finding talent than ever before. I pose the question why not try a short-term engagement?

The idea can seem risky, however, the benefits can outweigh that risk. Depending on what stage of your career you are at there are a few things you should consider when deciding if contracting is for you.

The early years:

At the beginning of your career, taking on a contract engagement can be chancy, moving too much too early can potentially have a negative impact. This is the time for exponential growth technically, professionally, and personally, and yes, the long slog in private practice will set you up with the right skills and training excellent skills for success down the track.

5 years and beyond:

Taking a break from your permanent role can be just what the doctor ordered. At this stage you are probably considering a move in-house and a contract or two for 6-12 months can really catapult you in the right direction and add some critical feathers into your cap and grant you with some much-needed exposure. A contract engagement allows you the flexibility to try before you buy, and experience all factors of a move
in-house, before committing to anything.

For those who are looking to shake things up, whilst most engagements exist in-house, they also exist in law firms, and can be an opportunity for you to experience whether the grass is truly greener on the other side.

Beyond to the possible:

As you head deeper into your career, we find that most of the candidates we are speaking with are in search of an opportunity to tap into their expertise and are seeking new challenges which often come from complex and interesting projects and most of this work is accessed through contracting arrangements.

Lastly, organisations also benefit hugely from utilising a contract. It is low risk for both parties, whilst giving you access to excellent expertise. If you have a need and are struggling with a perm hire, Montgomery Advisory and Edge can support you through the process and provide you with resources to fill the immediate need.

If any of the above sounds like you or you know someone who this would resonate with, please share this article, and feel free to contact the Montgomery Edge team or me directly on 0431 909 244 or by email becc@montyedge.com.au for a confidential conversation.

Becc Smith

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