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Banking is the new Corporate

Banking is the new Corporate

Well, August has been simultaneously very dull and very exciting which probably doesn’t happen often.  On the one hand, many of us have sunk deeper and deeper into lockdown, whilst on the other hand recruitment activity continues to completely ignore COVID and soar.  If I had a third hand it would hold my hair, there’s so very, very much of it right now…

Unlike our first forays into the pandemic last year, we’ve now entered an era where the demand for lawyers is largely unaffected by the strange times we’re moving through.  With global activity so strong, the UK and the US surging and Australia unwilling or unable to be left behind, week on week we’re seeing an ever-expanding list of vacancies being released from every firm.

This last month has demonstrated just how easy it is to change job when everyone’s working remotely.  All of our interviews have been conducted online, and the majority of our candidates have secured roles whilst never physically meeting anyone from their team, or setting foot in their new office.  It sounds a bit weird and it’s certainly different, but it works.  Our clients have been fantastic in their ability to adapt processes and procedures to ensure new joiners have a great experience from their first interview to their first day.  If you’ve any hesitation about changing job in the current climate, call us.  You’ll be stunned by how easy it is.

Quick note on the market overall – banking lawyers are the new hotness! The last month has seen a huge increase in demand for finance specialists from 2+ years.  If you’ve been jealous your mates from corporate are getting all the love, your time in the sun has arrived.  The mid-tiers, the top-tiers, London and the US are all on the hunt, so you’ll get plenty of attention as soon as you step out from the shadows.

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