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Judge Jimmy

Judge Jimmy

Dear Judge Jimmy,

I’m here with a work-life puzzle that I’m sure you’ve got a savvy solution for. In the WFH world, it feels like we’re all playing a game of Tetris – fitting work, life, and ‘me’ time together. What’s your take on tactically carving out those precious moments for ourselves, all while being a superstar at our jobs? How do we finesse the art of scheduling tasks and breaks, making sure we’re still on top of our work game while slipping in a dose of personal TLC? Your thoughts on keeping the boss-level productivity intact while also subtly sneaking in some much-needed ‘me’ time would be a game-changer for us striving to ace the balance game!



Dear Maurizio,

You’ve cracked open the vault of the work-life paradox, a puzzle trickier than figuring out which remote is for the TV. Fear not, for Judge Jimmy’s got some unconventional wisdom up his sleeve.

Imagine life as a hearty sandwich, a creation you’re building with each passing day. The bread slices represent your work and ‘me’ time – essential layers that hold everything together. Your day, my friend, is the flavourful filling that brings it all to life. Now, let’s get tactical…

Picture yourself devouring that sandwich, but instead of doing it all at once, break it down. Carve your day into work segments and snappy breaks, like taking measured bites of that delectable creation. Just as every mouthful offers a taste of different textures and flavours, your schedule should provide a mix of focused work and rejuvenating moments.

Now, let’s talk micro-breaks.  This is the equivalent of your side of fries in this work-life combo. Sneak them in between bites: A brisk walk around the block; a load of laundry; or even a quick workout can be like a refreshing sip of soda – invigorating and satisfying.

But wait, there’s a twist in the tale! Let’s throw in a dash of multitasking wizardry. Picture this: tackling your emails while enjoying a cup of your favourite coffee, or orchestrating a conference call as smoothly as a conductor leading a symphony. Just remember, leave the air guitar solos for your private rockstar moments – your colleagues might start requesting autographs!

Rest assured, your exceptional productivity won’t be squeezed out in this analogy. Envision yourself as the artisan behind this scrumptious creation, piecing together work and ‘me’ time like the intricate parts of a puzzle. Each fragment finds its place, adding its unique flavour to the broader tapestry. Much like an array of textures and tastes that make up a delicious sandwich, your harmonised schedule weaves a rich and fulfilling tapestry of life.

So, my friend Maurizio, what’s the final word from Judge Jimmy?

Dive into the work-life challenge with confidence armed with a touch of fun and a dash of strategy,  and you’ll be on track to master the art of work/life balance in no time!

James Cockerill

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