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Judge Jimmy

Judge Jimmy

Louisa P – Hey Judge, I’m thinking about getting back on the dating scene, however, I’m conscious of Rona vibes and how this may not be the most socially responsible thing to do in the current climate. I feel now is the best chance I’ve got at finding something meaningful, as work has slowed down and I’m finding I now have a lot of time to myself. With that in mind, I’d be interested in getting your thoughts on what’s now considered acceptable when meeting up with someone on a date?

Louisa, this is your lucky day. It just so happens I have been contemplating this exact issue after receiving 100s of emails. Given I am an expert on absolutely anything I think I am well placed to advise.

Firstly, I’m glad you have realised that taking the time to find a meaningful relationship outside of the one with your Partners, colleagues, laptop, IT guy and Uber Eats driver is of high priority. We all need balance. So if you are single, you should always find time to date; even if it’s with your local barrister. Get those reps in, practice makes perfect.

Scotty Wolfe, who is famous for holding the record of being married 29 times, was once heard saying that “you find love when you’re least looking for it”. Sometimes it is as simple as smiling at everyone you walk past … 1 in 10 people will probably ask you out on a date.

Aside from interacting with everyone at your local café (this is a great place to start but could get quite complicated quickly), it is probably important to widen the net and get on every dating app you can think of. Once you get back in the swing of things the next step is to understand what are the new boundaries and norms when meeting with people face to face.

Obviously you can’t just meet people anywhere these days, so I would recommend a walking date or booking an hour table at a pub, bar or library for a first date. All of which give you options for an early exit.

From there it might be a good idea to discuss how you intend to greet each other. Do you elbow, first pump, hug or just smile and nod on first encounter? Working this out in advance will save any potential awkwardness and will go a long way to rolling your drink at the pub into a romantic dinner.

If that date has gone well, then what now? Is the post-date kiss even a thing anymore? Could one kiss set you into 14 days of isolation and threaten the lives of those around you? You really need to weigh up potential risks and implement the following questions:

  • Does this person look sick?
  • Does this person sound sick?
  • Does this person make you sick?

If the answer to these questions is no, it is time to take things to the next level … whip out your thermometer and do a quick temperature check. If within the recommended range, give their lips a spray with a sanitiser and go for the lunge.

If the question to the above questions are yes, then I guess it comes down to how hot they are. Perhaps ask yourself whether you could see yourself stuck in quarantine for the next 2 weeks with this person …

Stay safe out there and when in doubt sanitise, sanitise and sanitise.

All the best

James Cockerill

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